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Classification of magnetic ceramics
- Dec 28, 2018 -

From the perspective of the properties and uses of magnetic ceramics, it can be divided into magnetic ceramics such as soft magnetic, hard magnetic, gyromagnetic, magnetic magnetic bubbles, magneto-optical and thermal.

Hard magnetic: Hard magnetic magnetic ceramics, also known as permanent magnetic magnetic ceramics, is a kind of magnetic ceramic with large coercive force Hc, not easy to demagnetize after magnetization and retain magnetic properties for a long time. Hard magnetic magnetic ceramic Hc is high (0.1~0.4T) The magnetic induction intensity is high (0.3~0.5T), and the maximum magnetic energy is high (8000~40000J·m-3). The main hard magnetic ceramics are mostly magnetoplumbite-type structures such as Ba-ferrite, Sr-ferrite, Pb-ferrite and their composites. Further, the spinel-type Co-ferrite is also used as a hard magnetic material because of its large lattice anisotropy.

Magnetic bubble: A magnetic bubble is a circular magnetic domain in a magnetic ceramic. These magnetic domains are perpendicular to the film. It is 1~100μm in diameter and looks like a bubble, so it is called "magnetic bubble". The bubble material is a new type of magnetic storage material. The "yes" and "no" of "bubble" indicate the "1" and "o" states of the information. The circuit and the magnetic field control the generation, disappearance, transmission, splitting and interaction between the bubbles, and realize the functions of information storage, memory and logic operation. The bubble memory has large capacity, small volume and low power consumption. High reliability.

Piezomagnetic: It is a magnetic ceramic that uses magnetostriction to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, also known as magnetostrictive material. The main piezorites are ferrites such as Ni-Zn, Ni-Cu, Ni-Mg and Ni-Co, of which Ni-Zn ferrite is the most widely used. Compressed ferrites are mainly used in ultrasonic, hydroacoustic devices, mechanical filters and some telecommunications devices.

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