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Block Combination Of Ceramic Accessories
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The combination of points, lines and faces forms a variety of shapes - "body blocks", which is a three-dimensional image with long, wide and high space concepts. Points and lines, points and faces, and different combinations of lines and faces can enrich monotonous blocks. The shape, quantity, space and arrangement of the points can change the artistic effect of the work; the shape of the face can be created by the combination of shape (geometric, organic, irregular) and shape.

The styling of ceramic jewellery is similar to the block form of the art. The free combination of ceramic blocks of various shapes produces an ever-changing form of composition. In the design of ceramic jewellery, the composition theory can be used to recombine different or identical morphological units into new unit images, giving a new image to the visual and feeling. Repetition, approximation, gradation, launch, specificity, intensiveness, deformation, deconstruction, recombination, etc. can all be used in modern ceramic jewelry design.

In the ceramic jewelry design, there is a block concept that is hollowed out. In various ceramic blocks, the traditional and innovative hollowing process of Jingdezhen is used to present the hollow block, which is decorated with artistic blue and white or other coloring techniques.

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