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Ceramic Jewellery Veneer Changes
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Ceramic jewellery comes in many forms, so you can add design content to the surface. In the performance of the face, the simple geometric shape often creates a strong impression on the visual, especially when the light is projected on such works, the resulting light and shadow changes are extremely rich and varied. The "addition and subtraction" design principle in graphic design can be applied to the design of ceramic jewellery. For example, separation, encounter, overlap, overlap, combination, reduction, and difference stack design are all "addition and subtraction methods". That is, the principle of addition, the principle of subtraction, and the principle of addition and subtraction of comprehensive law. Addition and subtraction can be widely used in the design of ceramic jewellery. Adding and subtracting can be flexibly used in different design creations, and can design ever-changing ceramic jewelry shapes.

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