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Craftsmanship Of Ceramic Accessories
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The ceramic jewelry has a flowing stream, dazzling colors, colorful glazes, magnificent colors, strange shapes, wonderful artistic conception, and it is worn in the fingers, ears, wrists and necks. There is a dazzling and beautiful appearance, like a gemstone and amethyst. Artistic effects, colorful, verdant, warm and jade-like ice glaze, crystal clear, shiny and glittering crystal glaze, etc., will also make you feel the beautiful mood of glaze, fully display the charm of ice and fire, this is other jewelry Material can not be replaced.

The advancement of science and technology has promoted the formation and decoration methods of ceramic materials. Through the hands of the designers, the Jingdezhen ceramic jewelry gem in front of the people, like the beautiful jade, Sheng Agate, opened up the aesthetic vision of jewelry design, and met different people. A variety of aesthetic needs for modern jewellery. At the same time, Jingdezhen ceramic jewellery can be regarded as a new type of "green jewellery". It is good for human health when it is worn on the body. The raw materials are convenient, the plasticity is high, the design space is large, the cost is low, the price is good, and the jewellery is popular.

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