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The Historical Heritage Of Ceramic Jewelry
- Dec 28, 2018 -

It is well known that China is the birthplace of ceramics and the country of ceramics. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, it has begun to enter the era of pottery and porcelain. Ceramics have been the symbol of China since ancient times and are the treasures and cultural carriers of the Chinese nation. In the English dictionary, the meaning of "China" lowercase is porcelain. Making jewelry with porcelain not only broadens the field of modern jewellery design but also enriches the variety of modern jewellery. Ceramics, born in China and growing in China, have experienced thousands of years and have the unique style of the Chinese nation along with the descendants of the Yellow Emperor step by step into today's society. Its rich content is extremely infiltrated into material life and social life. It not only has obvious national characteristics, but also has a very high cultural value. The so-called "national is the world." Dancing with the years, ceramic jewellery with fashion has a full enthusiasm and years of interweaving and age, the beautiful freeze that is easy to be broken, let us know how to cherish.

With the continuous development of modern ceramic art and the rise of ceramic art, the ceramic jewelry industry has also prospered. A new art form, ceramic jewellery, has produced a wide variety of products, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and so on. Because ceramic jewellery has low material consumption, low cost, and high temperature firing, it can remove harmful substances in materials, save energy and protect the environment, and it is easy to win consumers' attention and favor. Ceramic jewellery is rich in materials and shapes, and its decoration methods and production techniques are more diverse. It also changes people's inherent impression of ceramic products, opening up a new space for modern ceramic art, in jewelry art and ceramic art. Both have a positive effect.

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