• Dinnerware Zirconia Ceramic Dinner Plate

    Dinnerware Zirconia Ceramic Dinner Plate

    1. The high-quality dinner plate set offers reliable strength and durability, as well as a lightweight design for easy handling.
    2. The porcelain set can be safely used in the freezer, microwave, and oven, though be careful, as the plates will get hot.
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  • Health Energy Ceramic Bracelet

    Health Energy Ceramic Bracelet

    Prevent mental fatigue, Tranquilize the mind - Improve sleeping quality - Enhance mental focus to get good performance on job; make students keep their in examinations, reduce anxious and improve attention in studying.Read More
  • Ceramic Pendant for Necklace Jewelry

    Ceramic Pendant for Necklace Jewelry

    Integrity and depth of color in zirconia exudes elegance comparable to precious stones. Superior wear resistance means the brightness never fades. Color zirconia will provide the sparkle that customers need for development of new products.Read More
  • Fashion Dangle Ceramic Earrings

    Fashion Dangle Ceramic Earrings

    1. Original imported machine, polished by 360 degree without blind angle, very smooth and flawless.
    2. Quality assurance, rings lasting luster. Wear resistant and difficult to oxidize.
    3. High quality AAA zirconia ceramic, clear beautiful and bling.
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  • Strong Ceramic Phone Case

    Strong Ceramic Phone Case

    1. No need to plate once the printing is completed, rich and colorful colors, abrasion resistance, UV protection.
    2. Strong Protection: High strength ceramic material provide fully protect to your phone.
    3. Perfect fit: This slim cover can fit for your phone...
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  • Popular Ceramic Animal Furnishings

    Popular Ceramic Animal Furnishings

    We offer high quality products with competitive price and prompt delivery to establish a win-win relationship with our customers. We not only give emphasis on the quality of our products, but also devote our best effort to design stylish patterns that can meet the market's...Read More
  • Modern Home Decoration Ceramics Sculpture

    Modern Home Decoration Ceramics Sculpture

    1. Decorative ceramic pots, to place on your house with amazing feeling, handmade crafts bring mystery story to fulfill the interior place.
    2. Our development colleague will start sculpt new design from your design files or pictures.
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  • Ceramic Dinnerware Dinner Plate

    Ceramic Dinnerware Dinner Plate

    1. Colorful and sturdy ceramic dinner plates for the everyday family meal, or for those special friends’ gathering moments.
    2. Home Accents' colorful plates are perfect to give your dinner routine an improvement, a low-cost way to give your home the charming touch it...
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  • Polished Jewelry Ceramic Ring

    Polished Jewelry Ceramic Ring

    Our elite team management base in the ISO9001 quality management system, also we we established a quality assurance system and procedure standard for production and inspection. It enable us to provide the best quality and strong engineering support to our clients.Read More
  • Food Grade Ceramic Tablespoon

    Food Grade Ceramic Tablespoon

    1. Simple appearance with no redundant annoying decoration, classic design to fit any style kitchen tableware.
    2. Clean and classy looking, smooth surface and mirror polish makes these tableware sets always keep shining, Modern flatware would match well with your...
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  • Biocompatible Medical Ceramic Components

    Biocompatible Medical Ceramic Components

    1. Electrical and household electronic appliances
    2. Wear resistant machinery parts
    3. Protection tubes/parts in thermal processes
    4. Tiles for wear protection
    5. Thread guides in textile engineering
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  • Medical Ceramic Pump Tube

    Medical Ceramic Pump Tube

    We specialized in the production of technical ceramics including Metallized Ceramics Parts/Heaters, Zirconia Alumina Ceramics, Machinable Glass Ceramics, High Temperature Ceramics, Porous Ceramics, Boron Nitride, etc.Read More
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